At Castle's, we sell six types of stone. Stone is sold by the ton and is available for delivery for a fee. We carry the following types in bulk: 3/4" modified, 3/4" clean, 3/8" red tipple, 3/4" red, 1-3" river jack, and 2-4" goose egg. We also sell these in 50-pound bags.

Castle's sells 6 varieties of bag stone. All bags are 50 pounds. At Castle's, we will still load your car for you. Our product line is Delaware Valley Quaries.

Delivery Policy

Castle's Garden, Lawn & Landscape will deliver any product that we sell. Our fees are based on the time it takes for a driver to deliver and unload the product and the distance we drive.We only dump on a hard, flat surface, unless the driver feels that the ground is safe to drive off-road. If so, the customer agrees to pay for any damage that may happen to our truck, including towing. On items that are non-bulk (plants, trees, shrubs), there may be a handling charge per item. Please see the clerk for specific prices.