Spring season starts around March 15 and goes through the beginning of July.

Our summer season runs through July and August. The retail store will be open for July and August with limited hours (8am-1pm Monday through Saturday). We will be back to our regular hours after Labor Day.

Mulch - Stone - EP Henry 


Annuals grow flowers, produce seeds, and die after one season. They bloom in the summer until frost and should be "dead-headed" weekly and fertilized monthly to accelerate blooming and growth. At Castle's, our annuals are hand-selected and grown by Amish, Mennonite and family-run green houses. We do not buy from box store suppliers. Our annuals are rare and unusual and the finest you will find in the area.


Perennials are plants that grow, flower, produce seeds, and come back every year. They have seasonal blooming periods of 4 to 6 weeks, but there are some perennials that bloom for a longer period of time.


There are two types of shrubs: deciduous and evergreen. Deciduous shrubs have leaves that fall off at the end of the season or growing period. Evergreen shrubs keep their foliage through all seasons.


We offer a large selection of pottery. We also offer concrete products, such as benches, bird baths, and statuary. We stock several different types of religious icons.


Come browse our vast selection of garden giftware. Whether it is garden planters, wall decorations, knick-knacks, or flags, we have what you're looking for.