We carry two types of bulk mulch - dyed black and triple-ground brown shredded root. These same products are also carried in 2-cubic-ft. bags. Bulk mulch is sold by the cubic yard, which is 27-cubic-ft. We can deliver from 1-10 yards on one truck, or direct shipments of 40-80 yards for greater savings.

We carry the following types of mulch in 2-cubic-ft. bags - dyed black, dyed red, and shredded hardwood-root mix.

Top soil comes in farm-screened bulk and 40-pound bags. It does not have rocks or other impurities in it. It is not to be used for potting plants.

Delivery Policy

Castle's Garden, Lawn & Landscape will deliver any product that we sell. Our fees are based on the time it takes for a driver to deliver and unload the product and the distance we drive. We only dump on a hard, flat surface, unless the driver feels that the ground is safe to drive off-road. If so, the customer agrees to pay for any damage that may happen to our truck, including towing. On items that are non-bulk (plants, trees, shrubs), there may be a handling charge per item. Please see the clerk for specific prices.